June Dillinger

June Dillinger is an Inspirational Speaker and Life Facilitator whose gifts lie in her ability to guide others so that they can live abundantly and be happy. Adopted at birth she grew up in La Jolla, California, where she was cherished by her parents, a physical therapist who met her physician father when he was being treated for his paraplegia. Even though that family dissolved, through divorce and remarriage, through birth and life and death, June’s extended and expanded families have enriched her understanding of the dynamics of love.
June has been blessed with the ability to see the true inner beauty of the human spirit, despite outer appearances. June moved to Hawaii and has resided on Oahu for over 30 years.

June Dillinger

Hosting the television show “It’s All About Love,” has allowed her to interview a multitude of inspiring thought-leaders over the years. As a presenter, she is able to captivate audiences with her unique background and inviting message for all ages. Her uplifting message transcends the static of our digital age and rises over the roar of the crowd. Her topics tug on the heart- strings of the human condition by speaking directly to the emotional well-being of her audience members. Her heartfelt stories and wisdom are grounded in the fact that we must face our own connections with each other, with the divine, and most importantly within ourselves. Self-Love is slowly diminishing in our Western culture and June is on a mission to change that. Her book “The Benefit of the Ex” teaches us how to remember to let go of the past, and that every- thing in life–good and bad– is setting us up for our own comeback story.




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