2023 August Virtual Luncheon Meeting

08-08-2023 at 12:00 pm.

Join us Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, at 12pm HST in our Virtual Room (on zoom!) to welcome Steve Lowell!

The Art of the $100K Signature Talk

Learn how to add $100K to your business and engage your ideal audience by understanding the most important (and most often forgotten) elements that absolutely MUST be included when you craft a Signature Talk. Steve will outline his specific, globally-proven formula to craft a Signature Talk that converts into revenue.

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More about Steve: Steve Lowell is a multi-award-winning speaker, 3x #1 best-selling author, and master trainer for high-impact speakers with a track record that speaks for itself. Having given over 3500 keynote speeches, 5000 seminars and trained more than 500K speakers globally, Steve delivers innovative training that helps people drive revenue from the stage and build wealth through speaking. Steve is the Past President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and the Past National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). With over 50 years on stage (Steve started speaking at the age of 6!), thousands trained, and unmatched results, Steve helps speakers craft their signature transformational message and turn it into revenue. Steve and his wife and business partner Jayne have traveled the globe, spoken all over the planet, and coached or influenced over half a million people through their one-to-one mentorships, group training programs, and online courses. When they’re not working, you can find Steve and Jayne on their boat cruising the historic Rideau River enjoying the wildlife and epic sunsets. Having loved the stage and the audience from the age of 6, Steve’s mission is to spread that joy to help others craft their signature talk, scale their influence, and create more business through speaking. Get In Touch with Steve: Jayne@SteveLowell.com www.SteveLowell.com

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2023 August Virtual Luncheon Meeting
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