Annabel Chotzen


As an award-winning motivational keynote speaker, corporate trainer, professional development coach and author from Hawaii, I bring the warm and uplifting spirit of Aloha to my audiences. I deliver life-changing messages that have motivated and inspired thousands of people from all over the world for more than twenty years.

I offer workshops and seminars to businesses, associations, non-profit organizations and government agencies to help people communicate, build relationships, understand each other, solve problems, handle change and deliver exceptional service.

Along with my associates I also provide business consulting services which help companies and their employees become more efficient, effective and productive – and have a much more enjoyable time working together.

My coaching work with individuals gives instruction, guidance and support for public speaking, handling change, conflict resolution, effective leadership and much more.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that I can be of service to you or your organization.

Mahalo (thank you), Annabel

Annabel Chotzen

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