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Entertainer, Educator & Inspirational Speaker, Dana Land, has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years as a world-class jazz vocalist with performances at well-known festivals and venues including

The Monterey Jazz Festival and The Blue Note Jazz Club along with many prestigious corporate events. As a trained dancer and comedic actress, Dana has created four original, comedic personas all of whom perform, sing, dance and emcee on stage.

With her years as a youth and adult counselor, choral director and a jazz camp director, Dana has cultivated her love and wisdom for helping people and has taken it to the stages of the world!

As Executive Director of ‘Help for Hawaii’s Humanity’, she has been providing workshops to help people of all ages to “remember” those all-important common sense principles.

In addition, Dana’s interest to help the youth of Hawaii and across the planet resulted in developing a character-building action plan called the ‘Youth Ambassador of Aloha Certification Program’.

Dana’s highly unique presentations are a culmination of her musical and comedic talents, study and work in the humanities and her genuine love and interest to help others regain their innate skills and spirit of play!

You may never be the same again!

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Presentations ~ Dana offers two:

1)  Hula Rosie ~ Hawaii’s Hostess of Aloha, “Bringing the Aloha Spirit to Life!

“The more Aloha you share the more Aloha you will see in others.”    -Hula Rosie

  • What is the history and all-encompassing concept of Aloha.
  •  Hula Rosie teaches and demonstrates the practical use of Aloha in your life!
  •  Why does having and sharing Aloha improve one’s life and their level of happiness.
  •   Learn how to dance the hula with Hawaii’s very own Hostess of Aloha! Audience participation highly encouraged!
  •   Sing-a-long with Hula Rosie to one of Hawaii’s most iconic songs! Feel an injection of the Aloha Spirit and take it with you!

2)  Auntie Sylvia Agnes Gribble ~ London’s answer to intellectual prowess!  ‘Ethics & Morals Can Be Fun!’

Auntie Sylvia likes to say, “You can never be too bloody rich, too bloody old or too bloody smart to be reminded of common sense principles…absobloodylutely!”

  • What are Ethics & Morals and why are they vital to one’s personal and work life.
  • How does a lack of ethics & morals affect one’s life.
  • What are some of the basic common sense principles of life and why do we need to be reminded of these.
  • Auntie Sylvia’s anecdotes about some of her celebrity friends like Elton John, Sean Connery and The Queen herself!
  • Where does the Spirit of Play fit into all of this.
  • Sing-a-long with Auntie to Britain’s most iconic tune!Audience participation highly encouraged!

Dana Land

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