Howard C. Wigg

Howard C. Wiig, a native of Oahu, traveled the world before re-settling in Manoa Valley.  He has been with the Hawaii State Energy Office for over 30 years.  He has written dozens of articles and delivered hundreds of presentations.  His areas of expertise include:

  • Building energy codes for tropical areas
  • Building energy codes in general
  • The world-shaking future of LED lighting
  • Lighting design and application
  • The incredible benefits of energy efficiency, including pollution reduction
  • Developing energy building codes from scratch
  • High-level wellness
  • The future of smart electrical grids and battery storage (think Tesla)
  • The physics of reflective surfaces as a means of heat abatement in warm climates
  • Reducing construction costs in warm climates while ensuring health and comfort
  • Teaching English (with warmth and humor)
  • High-level wellness (physical and mental fitness; neuroplasticity)
  • Hawaiian history and culture
  • American history
  • Western history
  • American literature
  • Western literature
  • Real estate in Hawaii as an investment opportunity

Howard C. Wiig
Energy Analyst
Hawaii State Energy Office, DBEDT

Howard C. Wigg

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