Renise Haili Bayne

“When Life Gives You a Black Eye, Fat Lip and Bloody Nose,” is the title of one of many topics that Renise Bayne talks to at presentations across the U.S. It is also descriptive of how she became the go-to person for helping people prepare before a tragedy, disaster, or the inevitable happens.

Following the sudden tragic death of her husband, Bryant Bayne, a police officer killed in a helicopter crash while in the line of duty (1995), Renise tried to handle her grief while raising her children as a single mom with no knowledge of survivor’s rights and issues, so she relied on her mother and aunt’s encouragement and her unique upbringing that consisted of her father’s survival training camps.

In 1998, Renise founded No`eau Associates, LLC where she created a guidance course to help people in high-risk occupations develop preparedness protection plans for their families. Over time, No`eau Associates served as her base to be a guest instructor at International Law Enforcement Conferences and a guest speaker at organizations across the mainland and Hawaii. She also presents response and recovery services trainings for the American Red Cross which deploys Renise to Red Cross Disaster Relief Operations throughout the country.

The woman who, in 1995 suffered the loss of her husband and survived obstacles and challenges is now the beacon of light for others. Renise Bayne transforms lives by inspiring and motivating audiences to overcome challenges.

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Rather than just lecture to her audience, Annabel involves the audience and deeply connects with them. Hands-on experiential exercises reinforce the message. In addition, a beautiful multimedia presentation increases learning effectiveness and retention by stimulating the senses of sight, sound and touch.

Having worked for corporations, government and entrepreneurs, Annabel understands the challenges of a broad range of organizations and people. Since every organization is unique and has different needs, each presentation is customized specifically for your group.

An award-winning public speaker, Annabel’s unforgettable events are the perfect blend of depth and substance, humor and inspiration. Her ideas are easy to understand, easy to implement and loaded with long-term value.

Using examples from her own life, Annabel will teach your group how to rise above impossible odds, achieve your goals and then discover that a much higher level of fulfillment has been attained.

Hawaii, Annabel’s home, is a place of extraordinary beauty and gentleness. The presentations impart a deep sense of awakening to the beauty, power and courage within.

Whether your event is in Hawaii or another location, Annabel gives you the true spirit of Aloha.

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Renise Haili Bayne

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